Figure 1: (a) The PICOT gene is located on human chromosome 10, on chromosomal region 10q26, and mouse chromosome 7, on chromosomal region 7 F5. (b) Three-dimensional structure of the PICOT homology domain. Solution structure of the PICOT-HD(C) domain of the mouse PICOT protein was obtained by K. Miyamoto et al., using NMR analysis of a recombinant protein (DOI:10.2210/pdb1wik/pdb; http://www.genome.jp/dbget-bin/www_bget?pdb:1WIK) and drawn using the PyMOL Molecular Graphics System [27]. (c) Genomic organization of human PICOT. A schematic diagram of the genomic organization of the full-length coding sequence of the human PICOT gene. The gene is localized near the end of the long arm of chromosome 10, at 10q26, spans over 48,000 base pairs that include 11 exons and encodes a single protein of 335 amino acids.