International Scholarly Research Notices / 2011 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

A Reevaluation of the Status of the Foxsnakes Pantherophis gloydi Conant and P. vulpinus Baird and Girard (Lepidosauria)

Table 1

Sample localities (see Figure 2) and OTU (operational taxonomic unit) labels, W: west of the Mississippi River, E = east of the Mississippi River; the numbers correspond to the locality map (Figure 2), and the lower case letters refer to multiple specimens from the same locality. The taxonomy used here is that accepted prior to this study.

SpeciesOTU LabelsLocality

Pantherophis vulpinusW1Dakota Co., NB
W2aRock Co., MN
W2bRock Co., MN
W3aHolt Co., MO
W3bHolt Co., MO
W3cHolt Co., MO
W4Warren Co., IA
W5aMuscatine Co., IA
W5bMuscatine Co., IA
W6Wabasha Co., MN
E7Vilas Co., WI
E8aPepin Co., WI
E8bPepin Co., WI
E9aBuffalo Co., WI
E9bBuffalo Co., WI
E10Iowa Co., WI
E11aRock Co., WI
E11bRock Co., WI
E12aGreen Co., WI
E12bGreen Co., WI
E13Putnam Co., IL
E14Dek/Lasalle Co., IL
E15Kane Co., IL
E16Dekalb Co., IL
E17Dewitt Co., IL

Pantherophis gloydiE18Erie Co., OH
E19Essex Co., Ontario
E20aHaldimand-Norfolk Co., Ontario
E20bHaldimand-Norfolk Co., Ontario
E20cHaldimand-Norfolk Co., Ontario
E20dHaldimand-Norfolk Co., Ontario
E20eHaldimand-Norfolk Co., Ontario
E21Ottawa Co. OH