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ISRN Condensed Matter Physics
Volume 2011, Article ID 820726, 9 pages
Research Article

Structural and Elastic Properties of Li-Ni Ferrite

Magnetic Semiconductor Lab, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt

Received 24 September 2011; Accepted 31 October 2011

Academic Editors: S. Balamurugan and K. Matsuhira

Copyright © 2011 S. A. Mazen and T. A. Elmosalami. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


Li-Nickel ferrites with the chemical formula L i 0 . 5 βˆ’ 0 . 5 π‘₯ N i π‘₯ F e 2 . 5 βˆ’ 0 . 5 π‘₯ O 4 ( 0 . 0 ≀ π‘₯ ≀ 1 . 0 ) have been prepared by the ceramic method. The spinel structure in homogenous state was realized by X-ray diffraction analysis. The lattice parameter has been determined for each composition and found to be nearly constant over the whole range of Ni concentration (= 0.83 nm ± 0.01). The cation distribution for each composition has been suggested. The experimental and theoretical lattice constants were found to be in good agreement with each other confirming the agreeability of the suggested cation distribution. The analysis of IR spectra indicates the presence of splitting in the absorption band due to the presence of small amounts of Fe2+ ions in the ferrite system. The force constants for tetrahedral and octahedral sites have been determined. Young’s modulus (E), rigidity modulus (G), bulk modulus (B), Debye temperature ( πœƒ 𝐷 ), and transverse ( 𝑉 𝑑 ) and longitudinal ( 𝑉 𝑙 ) wave velocities have been determined. The variation of elastic moduli with composition has been interpreted in terms of binding forces between the atoms of spinal lattice.