Table 1: Baseline characteristics of cases.

PatientAge “without DVT”/“with DVT” (in years)Time between periods “without DVT” and “with DVT”GenderResponse to steroid therapySite of thrombosisInfection or severe systemic event—“without DVT”Infection or severe systemic event— “with DVT”

Patient 16/66 monthsMSteroid dependentVenous sinusPeriumbilical cellulitis
Patient 23/46 monthsFSteroid resistantLeft lower extremityMultifocal cellulitis
Patient 37/76 monthsMSteroid sensitiveLeft lower extremityRight lower extremity cellulitis
Patient 43/412 monthsMSteroid sensitiveRight lower extremityPeritonitis
Patient 57/918 monthsFSteroid dependentLeft lower extremityRight lower extremity cellulitis and pneumonia
Patient 69/106 monthsMSteroid resistantVenous sinusPeritonitis and urinary tract infection
Patient 76/67 monthsMSteroid dependentVenous sinusAcute otitis media
Patient 8 (1st episode of DVT)5/612 monthsMSteroid dependentRight lower extremityAcute pancreatitis
Patient 8 (2nd episode of DVT)11/126 monthsMSteroid dependentRight lower extremity
Patient 9 (1st episode of DVT)9/1012 monthsFSteroid sensitiveSubclavian veinLower extremities cellulitesLower extremities cellulitis
Patient 9 (2nd episode of DVT)11 / 1218 monthsFSteroid sensitiveRight lower extremityLower extremities cellulitesLeft lower extremity cellulitis

Subtitle: M: male; F: female.