Research Article

Optic Nerve and Spinal Cord Are the Major Lesions in Each Relapse of Japanese Multiple Sclerosis

Figure 2

(a) Sex ratio of each localization of MS attacks. Half of the brainstem lesions occurred in males, although there was a remarkable female predominancy for other lesion sites. (b) Age at attack for each localization of MS attacks. Mean age at brainstem attack was 29.6  ±  6.0 years old and is significantly younger than the mean age at optic nerve attack (42.5  ±  14.4 y.o.) and spinal cord attack (42.6  ±  13.6 y.o.) using Welch’s t-test (P  <  0.05). Regarding other lesions, mean patient age at attacks involving the cerebrum was 42.3  ±  13.5 y.o., and the mean age at the development of complex lesions was 38.7  ±  10.9 y.o. Boxes represent values from the 25th to the 75th percentiles, inner lines represent the median, and whiskers show the minimal and maximal values.