Table 1: Photophysical parameters for pyrene and perylene derivatives obtained in the present work.

Compoundε/104  dm3·mol−1·c /kcal m /nsd /106 /106 /kcal mo /104 c /nmj /μsk

pyrene3.25 (335)76.70.644431.40.360.8148.51.6441012.0
BuEPy3.68 (362)74.00.451453.10.553.845.12.2542523.7
TMSEPy4.35 (366)74.00.7089.27.90.303.4l3.8443012.5
TMSBPy3.81 (381)74.00.706.91010.3043l4.0545012.2

The molar absorptivities at the wavelength, λ nm.
The lowest excited singlet state energies estimated from the origins of absorption and fluorescence spectra.
Fluorescence quantum yields at 295 K.
Fluorescence lifetimes in cyclohexane at 295 K.
Fluorescence rates estimated by the equation .
Estimated by the equation .
Rates of nonradiative processes were determined by the equation .
The triplet energy was determined from the origin of the phosphorescence spectrum obtained in a mixture of methylcyclohexane and isopentane at 77 K.
Sum of the squared spin-orbit coupling constant (ζ) values.
Wavelengths of the maximum absorbance of the triplet-triplet absorption in cyclohexane at 295 K.
Triplet lifetimes in CH at 295 K.
Not determined.