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Research Article

Disturbance of Opportunistic Small-Celled Phytoplankton in Lake Kinneret

Figure 1

Comparisons of annual size spectra. (a, b) The “Sheldon” and normalized biomass size spectra, respectively, for extremely disturbed years, 1997 and 1998 (after [8]). The biomass size spectrum describes the assemblage biomass distribution to size classes of cell volume logarithm, and the normalized biomass size spectrum can be interpreted as the cell abundance ( cell) distribution approximation. (c) The traditional taxonomic size-spectrum (TTSS) change for representative years of the stable (1983, 1985) and extremely disturbed (1998) periods (after [9]). The curves are marked by the year they represent (yy). All phytoplankton species with cell size ≥2 μm and colonial species of smaller cell size are included, but not unicellular picoplankton. Size classes were created by doubling cell volume ( ) and are presented on a logarithmic scale ( ).