International Scholarly Research Notices / 2012 / Article / Fig 4


Erratum to “Influence of Stratospheric Intrusion on the Surface Ozone Levels in India”

Figure 4

(a) Geopotential height (meter) map at 850 hPa, (b) vertical pressure velocity ( ) at the tropopause, (c) relative humidity (%) at 300 hPa pressure level, (d) potential vorticity at the tropopause, (e) 5-day back trajectories at 1000 hPa (pink), 925 hPa (red), and 850 hPa (green) pressure levels, (f) tropospheric CO (  ppmv), (g) CH4 (ppmv), (h) NO2 (1015   ), and (i) fire counts at Pune on 24 November 2006 (sources of data: NCEP Reanalysis, ECMWF, TES, OMI, and ASTR World Fire Atlas).