Table 4: The correlation between tooth wear severity and tooth wear-associated factors among the study population.

Factors correlated to tooth wear severityStatistical methodP value

Systemic diseaseKruskal-Wallis0.011
Number of remaining teethPearson0.000
Acidic diet and drinksPearson0.000
Bruxism and parafunctionMann-Whitney0.000
Biting objectsMann-Whitney0.001
Facial pain or tendernessMann-Whitney0.021
TMJ problemsMann-Whitney0.3
Sour taste in the mouthMann-Whitney0.021
Occupational riskMann-Whitney0.2
Exposure to dustMann-Whitney0.04
Unilateral chewingMann-Whitney0.000
Using dental abrasivesPearson0.001
Using mouth rinsePearson0.2
Intake of acidic medicationsMann-Whitney0.3
Drinking alcoholPearson0.2