Table 5: Basic temper designation of Al alloys [2, 11, 12].


FFabricatedThe products fabricated by casting, hot working, cold working processes without control over elevated temperature treatment or work hardening is used.
OAnnealedThe castings which are annealed to enhance ductility and dimensional stability. The wrought semis which are annealed to obtain lowest strength temper.
HStrain hardenedThe wrought products only which are work hardened with or without supplementary elevated temperature treatments to get desired ductility at lower strength. The H is always followed by two or greater than two digits.
WSolution treatedThe alloys which age at room temperature after solution heat-treatment to produce unstable temper. This designation is proper only when the time of the aging is indicated.
TStable tempersThe products which show stable tempers after heat treatment with or without supplementary work-hardening. The T is always followed by one or several digits.