Table 2: Multivariable analyses of the relationships between vacant properties and assaults in Philadelphia County from 2002–2006.

All assaultsGun assaultsNongun assaults

Vacant properties0.1678§0.2055§0.1359§
Total population0.0004§0.0001§0.0005139§
Median age−0.0080−0.0075−0.0077
Male : female ratio0.11620.00460.1573§
No. of black residents0.00010.0004§0.0000204
No. of Hispanic residents0.0005§0.0005§0.0005§
Median household income §−0.0000103§ §
No. of unemployed0.00100.00090.0011
No. of with bachelors degree−0.0010−0.0006−0.0011
No. of single-parent households0.0027§0.0048§0.0017
No. of residential properties

*Shown in brackets are 95% confidence intervals; P < 0.05; P < 0.01; §P < 0.001.