Table 1: Case study communities’ selection matrix.

StateCommunityLast fireArea affected (acres)NFP fundsPopu.Nearby NF/SF/NPType of fire preparedness

Region 1: Northern Region

MTRed Lodge2000—Willie fire1,500Yes2,449Yellowstone NPRanch residents apply for NFP grants
FS designed hazardous fuel reduction project/demonstration fuel break
Creation of subdivision regulations to increase fire safety

Region 2: Rocky Mountain Region

CO Glenwood Springs 2002—Coal Seam fire12,209Yes8,942White River NFCreation of Glenwood Springs Fire Protection District and the CWPP
1994—South Canyon fire2,115Thinning/prescribed burning projects
Identifying and preplanning primary escape routes
Educating residents about ignition-resistant construction and proper evacuation centers

Region 3: Southwestern Region

NMRuidoso2000, 2001, 20026,500 (Cree fire)Yes $942,699—FY 20028,899Lincoln NFVillage-wide hazardous fuels reduction program, ordinances, and building codes
463 (Trap/Skeet fire), 1,000 (Kokopelli fire)Education/outreach, one-on-one meetings, Neighborhood Fire Watch, reverse 911 dialing system/event-driven strategies

Region 5: Pacific Southwest Region

CAGrizzly Flats1910Yes ($500,00)647El Dorado NFCreation of defensible space by homeowners
Fuel reduction along evacuation routes
FireSafe planning—new subdivisions and parcel splits

Region 8: Southern region

FLNorth Port20036,000Yes54308Myakka SFCreation of defensible space
20001,800 Flowers Myakka Fire ComplexAccess roads and water to all the subdivisions
Educating homeowners about wildfire mitigation measures and evacuation plans
1992—prescribed burning program, 1200 acres/year burnt under this program.

Region 9: Eastern Region

NJBerkeley Township1997702 Wrangle Brook fireYes42664Double Trouble SPFireSafe committee-education/outreach; talk to local school groups/HOAs about wildfire preparedness
20021,277 Jake Branch fireManagement of fuel loads

Note: NFP: National Fire Plan; SF: State Forest; NF: National Forest; NP: National Park.