Figure 1: Modeling arrhythmias in ischemia and infarction. (a) Left: model of ischemia phase 1b following LAD occlusion in the rabbit heart, with central ischemic zone (CIZ) and border zone (BZ). Colors distinguish the regions. White dashes outline BZ. Asterisk indicates the stimulus site. Border zones for different ischemic parameters are also shown. Right: generation of reentry in the subepicardium following propagation of premature stimulus in myocardium uncoupled from the surviving endo- and epicardium. Activation maps on the anterior epicardial surface and in a cross-section across the LV are shown. S2 and R refer to activation maps for the premature and the first reentrant beats, respectively. Black asterisk indicates reentry exit site. Figure modified from [15]. (b) Infarct-related VT in the canine heart. Left panel: MRI-based model of the infracted canine heart with scar and BZ. Remaining panels: activation maps of VT following programmed stimulation. Arrows indicate direction of propagation. Figure reprinted from [2].