Table 3: Summary of the tank inclination angle (φ), pumping rate ( ), and fluid conductivity ( ) for each of the 34 experiments. The corresponding characteristic numbers , and are also given (pore size estimated as 0.414 × grain size following [23]).

Experiment index1234567

Q (mL/min)189251671191572767
φ (degree)90909090909090

Experiment index891011121314

Q (mL/min)119271892513586799
φ (degree)90909090909090

Experiment index15161718192021

Q (mL/min)8952146119672767
φ (degree)90909090909090

Experiment index22232425262728

Q (mL/min)1892516767676767
φ (degree)9090303030045

Experiment index 29 30 31 32 33 34  

Q (mL/min)67676767358358
φ (degree)156060609090