Figure 2: Elution profile from the sephadex G-200 10/30 column. Estimation of native molecular weight of LlaKI was made on the basis of the elution profile of protein standards. Blue dextran (average Mr 2000 kDa) was used to measure the void volume (Vo) of the column and elution volume (Ve) was determined from the UV absorbance at 280 nm for standard proteins and by assay of the cleavage activity for the eluted fractions. Thymoglobulin (669 kDa) Ve: 10.5 mL, B-amylase (200 kDa) Ve: 14.6 mL, Bovine serum albumin (Mr 66 kDa) Ve: 21.85 mL, carbonic anhydrase (Mr 29 kDa) Ve 27.55 mL, and LlaKI (112 kDa) Ve: 19.5 mL.