Table 8: Review of retrospective literature on combination of RT and IFN α-2b for nonmelanoma.

StudySiteSystemic agentsRadiationOutcome

Maasilta et al. [11, 12]lung cancer 𝑛 = 1 0 cisplatin and etoposide combined with IFN α-2b at 3 million units IM as well as 1.5 million units by jet inhaler nebulizer1.25 Gy given twice/day to a total dose of 60 Gysevere esophagitis ( 𝑛 = 4 )

Hoffmann et al. [13]lung cancer 𝑛 = 6 cis-retinoic acid with IFN α-2b 3 million units subcutaneous 3 times/wk50–70 Gy over 5–7 weeksmucositis 20–50% cases

Selman et al. [14]lung cancer 𝑛 = 3 8 IFN α-2b 6 million units/day for 5 days before radiation therapy and 3 million units 4 days afterwards55–60 Gyresponse 10/26 in those receiving IFN α-2b with toxicity of less fibrosis and more pneumonitis

Stevens et al. [15]lung cancer 𝑛 = 6 IFN 𝛼 -2b 2 million units subcutaneously 3 times/week54–66 Gyno appreciable benefit

Verastegui et al. [16]cervix 𝑛 = 1 8 5 million units subcutaneously 3 times/week of IFN 𝛼 -2bextracavitary and intracavitary radiation, 6–10 Gyfive year survival 28% compared to 7% in the control group; 94% of 17 patients developed proctitis requiring colostomy

Rahn et al. [17]cervix 𝑛 = 4 IFN 𝛼 -2b, 3 million units subcutaneously 3 times/week as well as cis-retinoic acidvarious25% Grade 3 desquamation and erythema

Antonadou et al. [18]cervix3 million units/day of IFN 𝛼 -2b and 13-cis retinoic acidvarious“well tolerated”