Table 2: Comparison of participant characteristics by GHQ case status.

GH < 5 ( 𝑛 = 6 9 4 )GHQ ≥ 5 ( 𝑛 = 2 9 2 ) 𝑃 value

Demographic characteristics
 Age (Standard deviation, SD)30.2300.12
 Years of Education12.7120.003
 Percentage with college degree13.838.560.02
 Number of assets2.82.20.0003
 Average family income$33505$297900.09
 Average personal income$16487$12520<0.001
 Number of children1.471.600.18
 Percentage married34.3229.560.16
 Age at first child’s birth21.420.70.04
 Percent black77.4084.290.01
 Percent home ownership26.420.60.06
Health characteristics
 Percent current smoker41.552.20.003
 Percent current drinker85.583.80.62
 Percent with very good/excellent self-reported health65.232.1<0.001
Adult neighborhood characteristics
 Median household income$29829$300750.79
 Percent african american64.955.80.001
 Percent poor neighborhood54.351.80.51
 Percent reporting crime concerns33.0835.450.49
Psychological characteristics
 Total GHQ-28 score1.09.4<0.001
 GHQ depression0.363.8<0.001
 GHQ anxiety.041.0<0.001