Research Article

A Profile of Emergency Departments in Slovenia

Table 1

Characteristics of EDs in Slovenia.

Proportion or median95% Confidence interval or interquartile range

General characteristics
 Hospital based23%12–35%
 Independent department2%0–20%
 Triage to service*39%14–64%
 Annual ED visits (median): hospital-based EDs21,40019,900–34,200
 Annual ED visits (median): Non-hospital-based EDs5,0001,100–9,300
 Annual ED visits (median): overall6,1001,400–11,100
Patient experiences in ED
 Percentage of ED patients arriving by ambulance
  <1 hour78%67–89%
  1–6 hours20%9–31%
  >6 hours2%0–5%
 Percentage of ED visit leading to admission**
Resources and capabilities
 Physician in ED 24/782%81–92%
 Dedicated CT scanner18%8–29%
 Cardiac monitor98%94–100%
 Mechanical ventilator81%70–92%
 Respiratory isolation (negative-pressure room)0%0–14%
 Computer system to collect clinical data50%36–64%
 Internet access96%91–100%
 Clinical laboratory open round the clock24%12–35%

Abbreviations: ED: emergency department.
*among contiguous EDs only.
**There was low response to the question of ED visits leading to
admission. All other questions received >90% response.