Table 3: Radiation delivery to OARs.

OrganMean IMRT value Mean coplanar 3D-CRT value Mean noncoplanar 3D-CRT value P value
(coplanar versus noncoplanar 3D-CRT)
(IMRT versus noncoplanar 3D-CRT)

Right kidney V12 (%)75.575.668.90.030.3
R. kidney V18 (%)45.562.
Left kidney V12 (%)69.048.341.00.10.001
Left kidney V18 (%)
Mean liver dose (Gy)16.520.
Small bowel V45 (%)
Stomach V45 (%)8.716.615.80.20.007
Max spinal cord dose35.

OAR: organ at risk; IMRT: intensity-modulated radiation Therapy; 3D-CRT: three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy; : volume of an organ receiving Gy.