Table 2: ITB—revision surgery patients.

ITB—revision surgery “primary-implant-patient” population (N = 30)

Age GroupChildrenAdults
Patients requiring revision4121
8 patients required 17 revision procedures:
(i) 5 revision procedure for 5 patients,
(ii) 12 revision procedures for 3 patients.

ITB—revision surgery “revision-only-patient” population (N = 14)

Age GroupChildrenAdults
Patients with previous surgery at outside institutions2543
patients required 16 additional revision procedures.
(i) 4 patients with previous revisions at outside institutions1030
 (a) 4 patients with seven previous revision procedures at
 outside institutions had 6 additional revision procedures in our institution.
(ii) 10 patients without previous revisions outside1513
 (a) 10 patients required 10 revision procedures following the primary implant procedure.