Table 1: Analysis of variance for RS, HS, TS (g/100 g dry weight basis) and %RS (percent RS out of TS) from seeds of four pigeonpea cultivars produced during two planting times in 2011.

Dependant variablePlanting time (PT)Variety ( 𝑉 )PT*VR2 (%) CV (%) Mean
Mean squares

Resistant starch (RS)189.8**230.3*166.7**26.338.417.24
Hydrolyzed starch (HS)23.4*23.4*0.414 NS34.623.76.02
Total starch (TS)346.4*840.1*169.4**27.930.423.3
% RS137.4 NS721.9**920.1**19.322.170.4

Means: over two planting times, three replications and two experiments,
**, *Significance at 5% ( < 0.05) and 1% ( < 0.01) levels, respectively. NS: nonsignificant.