Table 1: Core geometry of flat tubes, continuous fins, and operating conditions of a CHE.

Serial numberDescriptionDimension

1CHE height (CHEh)0.0285 m
2CHE length (CHEl)0.095 m
3CHE width (CHEw)0.025 m
4Tube height (tH)0.0013 m
5Tube length (tL)0.0948 m
6Tube width (tW)0.0248 m
7Fin height (fH)0.012 m
8Fin width (fW)0.025 m
9Fin thickness (fT)0.0001 m
10Distance between fins (fD)0.0018 m
11Number of tubes (ntube)3
12Number of fins (nfin)25
13Air side hydraulic diameter, 𝐷 0.00267 m
14Coolant side hydraulic diameter, 𝐷 0.00283 m
15Air temperature ( 𝑇 𝑎 )310.5 K
16Coolant temperature ( 𝑇 𝑐 )355.5 K