Table 4: Interactions with Forest Service and BLM (percent).

StatementsStrongly agree/agreea


Agency information about forest projects usually provides a good explanation of options and consequences.51
I look at forest management information skeptically because I do not trust the agencies.47
The information provided by forest agencies is up to date and reliable.43*
Federal forest managers do a good job of explaining their management activities.39
Agency personnel provide a consistent message on project plans.32*

Openness and relationship building

I trust local Willamette national forest service personnel, but I do not trust government at the national level to let them do their job.64
I feel the average citizen has no way to influence the agency planning processes.57
Federal forest managers are open to public input and use it to shape forest management decisions.43
Forest managers effectively build trust and cooperation with local citizens.34

aResponse options on a 4-point scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree with an option to indicate no basis for opinion.
*More than 20% of respondents indicated no basis for opinion for these statements.