International Scholarly Research Notices / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Brain Activation in Primary Motor and Somatosensory Cortices during Motor Imagery Correlates with Motor Imagery Ability in Stroke Patients

Table 1

Patient demographics: age (years), gender, hemiparetic limb (affected side), Mini Mental State Exam total score (MMSE, maximum score = 30), time since stroke (months), stroke location, Fugl-Meyer upper limb total motor score (maximum score 66), scores on the MIQ-RS total scale, kinaesthetic and visual subscales scores.

Subject Age (years)GenderAffected sideMMSEPoststroke (months)Stroke locationFugl-MeyerMIQ-RSMIQ-RS MIQ-RS
Total motor
Total scoresKinesthetic scores
visual scores

155FemaleR305Left thalamic haemorrhage27753639
255MaleR271Left basal ganglia infarct52632637
374FemaleL309Right middle cerebral artery infarct32351619
465FemaleR287Left middle cerebral artery infarct28763838
554MaleL2711Right putamen haemorrhage29733637
650MaleL305Right lacunar infarct (globus pallidus)40793742
769FemaleL288Right middle cerebral artery infarct34582731
842MaleL305Right pontine infarct46782949
955MaleR287Left internal capsule42522527
1062MaleR287Left thalamic intercerebral haemorrhage36472027
1173MaleR285Left pontomedullary junction31904545