Table 2: Microbial air concentration obtained at the repositories of the National Archive of the Republic of Cuba (NARC).

RepositoriesCFU · m−3
FungiBacteriaTotal microorganisms* (°C) RH (%)

Map library (ML) 60a 502c56224.0 ± 0.152 ± 1.0
Photo library (PL) 261b 1149d 141028.0 ± 0.565 ± 1.0

a,b,c,dIndicates significant differences according to the Student’s test ( 0.05) on comparing the fungi and bacteria concentration between the repositories of NARC. The microbial determination was made in 5 and 2 points by triplicate, respectively and the data averaged ( ). *Indicates the sum of the median concentration of fungi and bacteria.