Figure 3: Analysis of C3 hemolytic activity in serum. Confirmation that C3 was depleted. (a) Blocking of the complement cascade at C3 was confirmed with serum measurements of C3 in a C3CH50 assay. Data is based on analysis of three animals per group. (b) Immunofluorescent staining of intestinal tissue section’s from sham, control-IR, and CVF-IR-depleted animals indicate that low C3 (green) staining and moderate IgG (red) staining is detected in the sham tissue (left panel). High levels of C3 and IgG are detected in the control-IR tissue, with extensive colocalization (yellow), as shown in the center panel. In the right-side panel the extensive colocalization of IgG and C3 is not detected in the CVF-IR B6.MRL/lpr group, however levels similar to the sham (left panel) are detected.