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Research Article

Metabolic and Hormonal Alterations with Diacylglycerol and Low Glycemic Index Starch during Canine Weight Loss

Table 3

Fasting and postprandial areas under the curves of plasma glucose, insulin, NEFA, and incretin hormones at weeks 1 and 8 determined at 60 and 180 minutes.

Diet value
LDLTHDHTSEMOilStarch Oil by starch

Week 1GlucoseFasting, mmol/L5.
AUC, 60 min373.7332.3355.4400.014.7nsnsns
AUC, 180 min1117.11046.81130.51261.242.1ns0.052ns
InsulinFasting, pmol/L
AUC, 60 min2074.61392.23521.05548.6593.0ns0.004ns
AUC 180 min15469.221485.016328.618047.41986.9ns<0.0010.032
NEFAFasting, mmol/L
AUC, 60 min34.330.426.031.81.7nsnsns
AUC, 180 min91.791.355.461.85.8ns0.004ns
GIPFasting, pmol/L
AUC, 60 min545.2673.3839.1982.5119.4nsnsns
GLP-1Fasting, pmol/L
AUC, 60 min453.2502.2508.9494.713.9nsnsns

Week 8
GlucoseFasting, mmol/L
AUC, 60 min388.0373.5438.7379.513.70.0060.029ns
AUC, 180 min1182.21140.11308.81211.541.5ns0.041ns
InsulinFasting, pmol/L17.
AUC, 60 min2424.41746.23922.63470.6375.4ns0.039ns
AUC, 180 min18906.814180.114609.818047.41429.2ns0.041ns
NEFAFasting, mmol/L
AUC, 60 min41.131.729.538.32.6nsnsns
AUC, 180 min105.789.
GIPFasting, pmol/L 16.110.712.112.11.3nsnsns
AUC, 60 min1221.01047.61736.31047.6124.40.045nsns
Fasting, pmol/L5.
AUC, 60 min435.5a618.1a670.8b444.2a35.9nsns0.005

Mean ± SEM, .; ns denotes no statistical difference. values are for two-way ANOVA with starch and oil as fixed factors.
Letters not in common in a row denote significant differences among diets by two-way ANOVA, < 0.05.