Figure 1: CXCL14/BRAK expression in HNSCC cells suppresses growth of tumor cell xenografts in athymic nude mice. (A) BRAK-expressing tumor cells or mock vector-transfected ones were injected subcutaneously and tumor sizes were consecutively measured. Tumors were regarded as suppressed, when there were only fat tissues and/or scar tissues observed and no tumor cells were found by histological examination after dissection at 27 days. (B) Photographs of tumor cell xenografts after 27 days. BRAK-expressing cell clones or mock vector-transfected cells (5 106) were inoculated subcutaneously into both sides of the back region of 10 female athymic nude mice, representative animals were photographed 27 days after xenografting. (a), (b) BRAK-expressing cells. (c), (d) Mock vector-transfected cells. (C) Mock: open circles, average of 16 tumors from 8 animals. BRAK: closed circles, average of 4 tumors with 4 animals. Two independent experiments showed a quite similar result. Difference between mock-transfected and BRAK-expressing cells are shown. Significant difference in the sizes of tumors was observed (Cited from [1]).