Table 2: Resolve to succeed theme.


Jordan (1996) [34]ResolutenessResilience in the face of challenge; remaining steadfast to educational goal despite overwhelming trials
Sanner et al. (2002) [23]Persistence despite perceived obstaclesPlaced the burden on selves to make the necessary adjustments as they attempted to assimilate
Frances et al. (2004) [32]“…you just got to maintain”The participants persevered in spite of feeling isolated and discounted by others
Mills-Wisneski (2005) [33]Persistence and self-motivationAbsence of minority faculty served as a catalyst and motivating factor to succeed in nursing program
Gardner (2005b) [24]Determination overcome obstaclesSuccess is necessary to build a better future; Desire to overcome despite many obstacles
Amaro et al. (2006) [22]Self-motivation and determinationParticipants determined to complete their courses; strength was demonstrating self-motivation and determination
Rivera-Goba and Nieto (2007) [25]PerseveranceIn spite of many roadblocks, perseverance was the driving force to succeed; had an overall desire to succeed
Bond et al. (2008) [20]Personal determinationShowed a personal determination to succeed and a desire to give back to other Hispanic students still “in the pipeline”

Table 2 provides a description of the Resolve to Succeed/Determination Theme identified in eight of the reviewed studies.