Table 4: Symptoms of anal incontinence in 48 patients preoperatively (left), at short-term (middle), and long-term followups (right). The figures are the number of patients.


Incontinence for solid stool38/40/400/1/31/3/24/3/25/1/1
Incontinence for liquid stool37/34/292/5/80/3/32/3/77/3/1
Incontinence for gas37/33/350/2/53/1/32/8/16/4/4
Alteration in lifestyle35/36/330/1/32/1/41/2/310/8/5
Need to wear a pad or plug10/10/12
Taking constipating medicines0/1/3
Able to delay defecation for 15 min ( )39/42/39

Rarely and sometimes mean one and two to three episode(s) of anal incontinence during 4 weeks, respectively.