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Research Article

Entropy Generation Analysis of Human Thermal Stress Responses

Table 1

Human thermal models.


1971Givoni and Goldman [9] One-Node; Empirical
1971Gagge et al. [10]Two-Node
1971Stolwijk [11]Multi-Node
1977Azer and Hsu [13]Two-Node
1985Wissler [14]225-Node Finite Element
1991Smith [3]3000-Node Finite Element 3D Transient
1992Jones and Ogawa [15]Two-Node Clothed Transient
1995Fu [4]3000-Node Finite Element 3D Clothed Transient
1999Fiala et al. [16]Multi-Node; 366 Tissue Nodes
2001Huizenga et al. [17]Multi-Node Thermal Model; Arbitrary Number of Segments
1995TanabeMulti-Node; 65-Node