Figure 4: Phagocytosis of S. aureus biofilms: (a) to establish S. aureus biofilm (stained in green) (upper left), PMN (red) (upper right) and the reaction were observed over time. By 30 min, biofilm-depleted areas were seen. The images on the lower panel show a zoom after 30 and 45 min, respectively. (b) On the left, a quantitative analysis is shown. In these experiments, the PMN were recovered from the biofilm and green fluorescence taken up the PMN were used a measure for phagocytosis (mean fluorescence intensity, MFI) (details of these experiments and the original figures are taken with permission from [96]. After prolonged incubation of PMN with biofilms, release of DNA was seen. (c) shows prominent DNA strands with bacteria, and in (d) a PMN in the process of releasing DNA is shown. (e) shows the quantitative analysis (experimental details in [96]).