Table 3: Anti-inflammatory activity and toxicity data of di- and triorganotin(IV) derivatives of (5′-GMP)2−.

Complex/standard drugAnti-inflammatory activityaToxicity LD50
Dose (mg/kg p.o.)% inhibitionmg/kg p.o.

Me2Sn(5′-GMP)·H2O 4018.12>400
n-Bu2Sn(5′-GMP)·H2O 4016.32>400
Ph2Sn(5′-GMP)·H2O 4019.22>400
(i-Pr3Sn)2(5′-GMP)·H2O 4015.64>400
(n-Bu3Sn)2(5′-GMP)·H2O 4017.34>400
(Ph3Sn)2(5′-GMP)·H2O 4020.63>400
Phenyl butazone4034.56>2000

a% inhibition in paw edema = , where DT and DC are the mean volumes of paw edema in drug-treated and control groups. Standard deviation in DC is <0.09 and in DT <0.15.
Standard error in mean in DC is <0.040 and in DT <0.067.