Table 1: Composition in ingredients and prices of growing rabbits’ feeds as formulated and fed.

Ingredients ( % )F0F5F10F15

Palm-press fibre051015
Palm-kernel meal30272521
Maize grains22313134
Wheat bran28.614.69.62.6
Soybean meal9121417
Cotton meal17777
Oyster shell1.
Phosphate bicalcium1111
Salt (Nacl)
Feed price (FCFA3/kg)191.0190.7189.2189.0

1Ferrous sulphate (FeSO4) were added at the rate of 3 g per kg of cotton meal.
2Premix contained per kg—vitamins: A 4000000 UI, D3 800000 UI, E 2000 mg, K 800 mg, B1 600 mg, B2 2000 mg, niacin 3600 mg, B6 1200 mg, B12 4 mg, choline chloride 80000 mg; minerals: Cu 8000 mg, Mn 64000 mg, Zn 40 000 mg, Fe 32000 mg, and Se 160 mg.
3Republic of Benin Currency: 1 = 655.9 FCFA.