Figure 2: CCPhotoconverted Kaede remains visible for at least 48 hrs postphotoconversion. (a)–(d) Images are representative examples of 8 fish, all fish showed the same pattern. Individual muscle blocks were photoconverted using 120 cycles of 40% 405 nm laser power. (a) 3 dpf Actin:Gal4 × UAS:Kaede larva prior to photoconversion shows no red fluorescence. (b) Larva 1 hour after photoconversion showing 3 distinct areas of photoconversion. (c) 24 hours after photoconversion. (d) 48 hours after photoconversion. For these images exposures were chosen to optimise the image quality, and are not comparable to those used for optimisation. (e) Analysis of the intensity of fluorescence of the red photoconverted Kaede over 48 hours. Kaede protein within the Actin:Gal4 × UAS:Kaede larvae was photoconverted with 120 cycles of 40% 405 nm laser power. Maximum red fluorescence was defined as the highest intensity of red fluorescence found in the photoconverted portion of the larva. 𝑛 = 8 .