Figure 4: Effects of LPS injection. (a) Tumor measurements on different timepoints. (b) Total lymph node cells in mice with B16F10 injection (○), Injection of LPS at the same time of B16F10 injection (); Injection of LPS 18 hours before B16F10 injection (∆); Intratumoral LPS five days after B16F10 injection (□) and PBS injection (*). Values of 𝑃 < 0 . 0 5 were considered statistically significant. Data representative of three different experiments, 𝑁 = 4 mice per group. (c) TLR4 expression on B16F10 cells by RT PCR. Agarose gel eletrophoresis analysis of PCR products Lane 1 B16F10, cDNA Lane 2 Negative control, Lane 3 Ladder 100 bp (Invitrogen).