Table 3: Analysis of surgery outcome at 1-year followup.

Variables of interestFavorable versus 𝑃 value
unfavorable outcome

Age of Onset:40% versus 50%0.54
 <10 yrs
 >10 yrs
Scalp interictal EEG:
 Group 1 (localized IED)50% versus 40%0.25
 Group 2, 3, and 4 (other)
Seizure semiology:
 history of GTC50% versus 49%0.87
 no history of GTC
Duration of epilepsy:
 >15 years60% versus 40%0.19
 <15 years
 cortical dysplasia50% versus 49%0.51
Nonspecific MRI abnormality:
 absent50% versus 48%0.9
SISCOM perfusion abnormality:
 localized61% versus 45%0.88
Postoperative scalp EEG55% versus 50%0.32
IED present versus negative

IED: interictal epileptiform discharge
Group 1: localized IED; Group 2: lateralized but not localized IED; Group 3: generalized or bilateral IED; Group 4: no IED.