Table 2: Comparison of the total area of low-marsh, high-marsh, and upstream wetlands for eastern and northern Georgian Bay identified in the GLCWC and the MCWI.

GLCWC area (ha)GLCWC polygon numberGLCWC mean size (ha)MCWI area (ha)MCWI polygon numberMCWI mean size (ha)

Total low marsh297.81701.85376.137711.4
Total low marsh >2 ha297.81701.84043.94149.8
Total high marsh586.72342.53297.562550.5
Total high marsh >2 ha586.72342.51842.12896.4
Total upstream1762.43794.78676.126033.3
Total upstream >2 ha1762.43794.77381.28838.4
Total wetland3660.86965.317349.7126291.4
Total wetland >2 ha3660.86965.313267.115868.4