Research Article

The SAAAVE Act and Routine Ambulatory Medical Care Fail to Diagnose Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms prior to Rupture: A Single-Institution Experience

Table 3

Comparison of outpatient physical exams findings in 38 patients versus vascular surgery fellow physical examination findings in 52 patients.

VariableACP total 38VSF total 52P value
n (%)n (%)

Tenderness2 (3.8)12 (23.1).008
Pulsatile mass1 (1.9)10 (19).004
Tenderness + pulsatile mass1 (1.9)16 (30.8)<.0001

Total exam4 (7.7)38 (73.1)<.00001

ACP: ambulatory care provider in outpatient setting; VSF: vascular surgery fellow in emergency department setting.