Table 1: Transgenic mouse models 1 and v integrins.

ModelCancer typeEffect on tumor growthEffect on metastasisReference

β1fl/fl; MMTV-Cre; PyMTBreast cancerImpaired initiation; reduced growthNot studied[112]
β1fl/fl; MMTV-Cre; ErbB2Breast cancerDelayed initiation; reduced growth; increased apoptosis; reduced angiogenesisReduced lung metastasis [113]
α2−/−; K14-HPV16Human papilloma virus-induced squamous carcinoma Reduced growth; role for tumor cell integrin confirmed after orthotopic transplantation Decreased progression from papilloma to dysplasia but no effect on subsequent progression to carcinoma[114]
β1fl/fl; A RR2PBi-Cre; TRAMPtg/+Prostate cancerIncreased proliferation; decreased differentiationEnhanced progression to poorly differentiated carcinoma[110]
α2−/−; MMTV-c-ErbB2/NeuBreast cancerDelayed onset; no effect on tumor growth; no effect on apoptosis; no effect on proliferationIncreased intravasation; increased metastasis[111]
β1fl/fl; RCre; RIP1Tag2 Pancreatic β cell carcinoma (insulinomas)Increased senescence; decreased proliferationBlocked tumor formation and metastasis after transplantation [115]
Rag2KO; 3KO; 5KO; xenografted WT tumor cellsMelanoma and lung carcinoma xenograftsIncreased tumor angiogenesis; increased tumor growthNot studied[116]
Rag2KO; 3KO; 5KO; wild type or KO bone marrow transplantations; xenografted WT tumor cellsMelanoma and colon carcinoma xenograftsIncreased tumor angiogenesis; increased tumor growth; reduced macrophage infiltrationNot studied[77]