Figure 12: (1)–(35) Cave bear bones and fragments, partly digested and dissolved by stomach acid, all found all in the Bear’s Passage together with many faecal pellets and chewed cave bear bones. Paw bones: (1)–(5) Phalanx 1. (6)-(7) Phalanx 2. (8)-(9) Sesamoids Cranial bones. (10) Thyrohyoid: Thoracic bones. (11)–(13) Caudal and lumbar vertebra central fragments. (14)–(22) Costae fragments. (23)–(27) Unidentified bone fragments: bone compacta fragments. (28)–(31) Bone spongiosa fragments. (32)–(35) Unidentified fragments (all in coll. Museum Castle Rabenstein).