Table 3: Constitutive laws of 40% W-fiber reinforced BMG composite from various approaches. The parentheses in the inverse analysis represent standard deviation from five different runs. During the “forward optimization” process (3rd row), the most insensitive parameter ( ) was excluded from tuning, and the freezing temperature ( ) was also fixed at 355°C because it was found so experimentally from the previous study [15]. Compared to the manual fitting (1st row), the inverse ANN (2nd row) is much more efficient (faster), and forward ANN optimization (3rd row) is both more efficient and accurate.

(MPa) (MPa) (MPa) (MPa) (MPa) (°C)MSE

Iterative manual FEM fitting1305725120700133019007.3355
ANN inverse analysis1234 (7)729 (1)566949 (666)1335 (4)1898 (1)10.3 (0.1)397 (3)
ANN forward optimization1258620200000133019008355