Table 8: Compare the Modeling Parameters and Numerical Acceptance Criteria with FEMA 273 [14] and FEMA 356 [15].

Longitudinal reinforcement and transverse reinforcement Rotational limit at collapse prevention level (CP) in radians Crack width in coupling beam  at CP level in meters by    ATENA2D [18]
Member controlled   by flexure Member controlled   by shearATENA2D [18]
FEMA 273 [14]FEMA
356 [15]
FEMA 273 [14]FEMA 356 [15]  m  m  m  m  m  m

Conventional longitudinal reinforcement with conforming transverse reinforcement 30.0250.0250.0150.0200.0008810.001040.0023250.0002630.0003060.000559
Truss 3NANANANA0.0011760.0004220.000930.00031440.00010660.000204