Table 2: Representation of serum prolidase activity, total antioxidant capacity, total oxidant status, and oxidative stress index in the cases, control-1, and control-2. Data is represented as mean ± standard deviation with their respective units. -value of less than 0.05 showed significant changes. Cases have significantly more increased serum prolidase activity, total oxidant status, and oxidative stress index than control-1 and control-2, while total anti-oxidant capacity significantly decreased.

Subjects/statistical parametersNumber of subjects/conditionSerum prolidase activity (mmol min−1 L−1,
mean ± SD)
Total antioxidant capacity (mmol Trolox Eq/L, mean ± SD)Total oxidant status ( mol H2O2 Eq/L, mean ± SD)Oxidative stress index (arbitrary unit,
mean ± SD)



-value (two-tailed)Cases versus control-1≤0.0001≤0.0001≤0.0001≤0.0001
Cases versus control-2≤0.0001≤0.0001≤0.0001≤0.0001
Control-1 versus control-2Equal to 0.6083Equal to 0.1186≤0.0001≤0.0001