Table 3: Representation of correlation of serum prolidase activity and TAOC, TOS, and OSI for the cases, control-1, and control-2. Correlation coefficients of ≤0.01 are considered as significant correlation. Negative sign for correlation coefficients indicated that serum prolidase activity increased with decrease in TAOC in cases, control-1, and control-2, while positive values indicated that serum prolidase activity increased with increase in TOS and OSI in respective cases, control-1, and control-2. In our above correlation study, all correlations have non-significant values.

Serum prolidase activity versus TAOCSerum prolidase activity versus TOSSerum prolidase activity versus OSI

Pearson correlation coefficients
 Coefficients, −0.131−0.013−0.1700.0290.0930.0290.1070.0870.152
 Sig. (two-tailed), 0.1810.9070.2380.7700.4070.8400.2770.4370.292