Table 1: Foreclosure systems.

Metropolitan areaMethod of foreclosureTypical months to foreclosure saleStatutory right of redemption

ClevelandJudicial 8None
DallasPower of sale 1None
DenverPower of sale 22.5 months
Las VegasPower of sale 5None
Los AngelesPower of sale 5None
MinneapolisPower of sale 36 months
New YorkJudicial 8None
PhoenixPower of sale 4None
PortlandPower of sale 9None
San DiegoPower of sale 5None
San FranciscoPower of sale 5None
SeattlePower of sale 1None
Washington DCPower of sale 2None

Source: Clauretie and Sirmans [5, p. 313].