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Immunotherapy with Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells Alone or in Combination with Rapamycin Does Not Reverse Diabetes in NOD Mice

Figure 2

Insulitis is not reduced by immunotherapy and/or rapamycin administration in diabetic NOD mice. Effect of the treatment with tolerogenic DCs and/or an immunosuppressant (rapamycin) on insulitis in NOD mice. (a) Insulitis score for different groups. The pancreas from 3 animals/group was analyzed by two independent observers at the end of the study period (30 weeks). Each observer assessed a minimum of 40 islets per animal. Results are means ± SD. (b) The percentage of classified islets in each of the five infiltration categories in different groups was as follows: 0, no insulitis; 1, peri-insulitis; 2, mild insulitis (<25% of infiltrated islets); 3, severe insulitis (25–75% of infiltrated islets); 4, destructive insulitis (complete islet infiltration).