Figure 4: FMRP alters gating of Slack-B channels in inside-out patches. (a) Recording of a patch containing 3-4 Slack channels before, during and after transient application of FMRP(1–298) to the cytoplasmic face of the patch. Top traces show representative 10 s examples of recording at −40 mV and bottom traces show expanded time views of the same patch. Arrows marked S indicate the occurrence of subconductance states that are suppressed by FMRP(1–298). (b) All-points amplitude histograms of Slack channel activity plotted on a logarithmic scale before and after application of FMRP(1–298) and after washout. C marks the closed state, S indicates subconductance states, and numbers on peaks in the histograms refer to the number of fully open Slack channels. Modified from [6].