International Scholarly Research Notices / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

The Epidemiology of Fractures Caused by Falls Down Stairs

Table 1

Mechanism of injury.

(n)(%)Mean age (SD) (years)M/F ratio (%)≥65 yrs age (%)

Simple falls384355.964.9 (SD 20.7)30/7057.6
Sport100014.628.0 (SD 12.4)82/181.7
Direct blow/assaults86712.633.5 (SD 16.0)77/232.7
Road traffic accidents3595.239.1 (SD 17.1)79/218.9
Falls down stairs2613.854.6 (SD 20.6)38/6235.6
Falls from a height2503.638.0 (SD 15.6)78/225.6
Spontaneous400.666.7 (SD 17.6)25/7560.0

The number (n) and frequency (%) of fractures sustained by Edinburgh adults, arranged in decreasing order of frequency according to the responsible mode of injury are shown. The mean age, gender ratio, and proportion of patients affected aged 65 years or more are also shown.