Table 2: Description of overweight and obesity prevalence (%) along with total data by sex from each national study that was included in the review according to year of survey, study population, age range, and classification criteria used.

ContinentCountryDate of surveyStudy populationAge (years)/school gradeCriteriaOverweight (%)Obesity (%)Reference

AfricaSeychelles2004School-based survey7th, 10thIOTF112.09.514. et al., 2006 [16]
South Africa20082008 SA YRBS13–19IOTF114.47.920. et al., 2010 [15]
Tunisia2004Household-based survey15–19IOTF112.411. et al., 2008 [17]

AmericaCanada20042004 CCHS12–17IOTF119.821.218.49.411.17.4 Shields and Tremblay, 2010 [18]
Mexico2006Household-based survey 12–18IOTF121. et al., 2009 [19]
USA20072007 NSCH10–17CDC-2000215.215.315.216.419.213.5Singh et al., 2010 [20]

AsiaBahrain2000School-based survey12–17IOTF120.015.324.516.414.917.9Al-Sendi et al., 2003 [21]
China20022002 CNNHS13–17IOTF14. et al., 2008 [22]
Iran2003-04CASPIAN Study10–18IOTF15. Kelishadi et al., 2008 [23]
Israel2003-04MABAT Youth Survey11–19CDC-2000212.912.713. Kaluski et al., 2009 [24]
Jordan2009Household-based survey13–18IOTF113.711.315.510.012.48.2Khader et al., 2011 [25]
Qatar2003-04School-based survey12–17IOTF123.828.618., 2006 [26]
Saudi Arabia2005Household-based survey13–18CDC-2000217.916.519. El Mouzan et al., 2010 [27]
Taiwan2003School-based survey10–18IOTF116.318.414. et al., 2009 [28]
United Arab Emirates2009-10Household-based survey11–18IOTF116.220.511.719.7Ng et al., 2011 [29]

EuropeCyprus1999-00School-based survey10–17IOTF118.921.316. et al., 2002 [30]
Czech Republic2005Lifestyle and Obesity Study6–17IOTF112.316. et al., 2007 [31]
Germany2008CrescNet database12–16IOTF118.219.317.üher et al., 2011 [32]
Greece2003School-based survey13–19IOTF118.323.314. et al., 2008 [33]
Italy2002HBSC Study11, 13, 15IOTF115.620.910. et al., 2005 [34]
Republic of Ireland2003School-based survey11–16IOTF118.517.819. et al., 2007 [35]
Northern Ireland2003School-based survey11–15IOTF118.218.517. et al., 2007 [35]
Portugal2008School-based survey10–18IOTF117.417.717. Sardinha et al., 2011 [36]
Sweden2001School-based survey10, 13, 16IOTF115.814.616. et al., 2004 [37]

OceaniaAustralia20042004 SPANS8th, 10thIOTF117.919.416. et al., 2007 [38]
New Zealand2007Youth’07 Survey13–17IOTF124.023.324.710.210.89.5 Utter et al., 2010 [39]

Overweight and obesity, all adolescents with BMI-for-age ≥25 kg/m2 and <30 kg/m2 and ≥30 kg/m2, respectively, according to the IOTF [6].
2Overweight and obesity, all adolescents with BMI-for-age ≥P85th and <P95th and ≥P95th, respectively, according to the CDC [5].
3Overweight and obesity, all adolescents with BMI-for-age >+1SD and <+2SD and >+2SD, respectively, according to the WHO [7].
IOTF: International Obesity Task Force; CDC: Center for Disease Control and Prevention; WHO: World Health Organization; 2008 SA YRBS: 2008 South African National Youth Risk Behaviour; 2004 CCHS: 2004 Canadian Community Health Survey; 2007 NSCH: National Survey of Children’s Health; 2002 CNNHS: 2002 China National Nutrition and Health Survey; CASPIAN Study: Childhood and Adolescence Surveillance and Prevention of Adult Non-communicable disease; HBSC: Health Behaviour in School-aged Children; 2004 SPANS: 2004 NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey.